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  • Alarm Clock and Weather Station
    Always be one step ahead of the weather with the smart, nifty Deluxe Alarm Clock and Weather Station. Its attractive, stylish design will look stunning in any room in the house. The Deluxe Alarm Clock and Weather Station displays the date, month and year, as well as the indoor humidity and temperatu..(Read More)
  • Animal Hats
    These cute yet practical soft knit Animal Hats will keep your head warm as well as being a trendy accessory. Not only are they machine washable, making it a practical addition to your winter wardrobe, but the cute pom pom ears and popular animal face style make them a modern one too. Suitable for al..(Read More)
  • Animal Musical Mobile
    Give your baby something fun and sweet to look at with the Animal Musical Mobile, while the soft, calming, lullaby sends her to sleep...(Read More)
  • Basketball Shots Drinking Game
    If there is one thing the London Olympics showed us, it was the fact that basketball is not only interesting, but also a fast-paced complex game of skill. So what better way to improve on the game than to introduce alcohol to the mix? All you have to do is launch the supplied ball into the basketbal..(Read More)
  • Beatrix Potter Spoon Set - Set of 4
    Charming & unique, these hand-painted, silver-plated Beatrix Potter Spoons are highly collectable and make a great gift for any spoon collector or Beatrix Potter fan, young and old alike. Each piece is supplied in its own, individual presentation box. Set of 4 spoons...(Read More)
  • Bubble Blower
    Spend hours of fun with the Bubble Blower; it's a quick and easy way of creating mega bubble fun for children. Perfect for parties! - Kids of all ages will love this bubble machine...(Read More)
  • Camera Lens Mug
    Kick start your day with a coffee in your professional mug! An original gift idea for amateur photographers or people who love collecting novelty cups. The Camera Lens Mug is a perfect gift for any occasion...(Read More)
  • Car Travel Gift Set
    The ideal set to keep in your car in case of those unexpected emergencies. The Car Travel Gift Set is perfect for the boot of a car, caravan or even camping...(Read More)
  • Car Vanity Mirror
    This handy clip on Car Vanity Mirror is the perfect item for people who are always on the go...(Read More)
  • Christmas Spoons - Pack of 4
    These lovely, unique, hand-painted Christmas Spoons are highly collectable and make an ideal gift for any spoon collector or not! They make a perfect addition to any spoon collection...(Read More)
  • Compact Folding Binoculars
    Whether you want to survey the landscape or just get a closer look at birds, the Ultra lightweight, compact folding Binoculars are the perfect choice to take when out and about...(Read More)
  • Cupcake Set
    Bring a touch of style and fun to the party table by decorating and displaying those delicious cupcakes at their best with this enchanting Cupcake Set. The table centre-piece features silver-coated wire spirals twisted into a stylish tower design with 4 tiers. The display securely holds each cupcake..(Read More)
  • Dali Melting Clock
    Adorn your home with this unusual, artistic Dali Melting Clock.This Melting Clock is inspired by Dali's 1931 masterpiece 'The Persistence of Memory' and looks as if it's simply melting right off the shelf!  This clock would certainly be a talking-point amongst your friends, it looks stunning in any ..(Read More)
  • Desktop Weather Station Alarm Clock
    Always be one step ahead of the weather with this smart, nifty Desktop Weather Station Alarm Clock...(Read More)
  • Desktop World Clock
    This is a great Desktop World Clock that also tells the time for 16 different time zones around the world. Just simply touch the button on any time zone to reveal the time. The alarm can be easily set in seconds...(Read More)
  • Diamond Dust Nail File
    Once you have used this Diamond Dust Nail File you’ll never want to use any other. This long lasting flexible file is embedded with diamond dust and is ideal for shaping and maintaining perfect nails. Simply wash clean with soap and water to keep it looking like new. It can also be used to smooth aw..(Read More)

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