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The Best Things Direct provide a selection of quality Exercise related products to help stay healthy and be in peak shape.

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  • Ankle/Wrist Weights
    Wear these wrist/ankle weights to make your workout a bit tougher. Strengthen your muscles, tone your upper & lower body and burn uoto 15% more calories. Additional resistance makes your muscles work harder and your heart beat a little faster...(Read More)
  • Digital Wireless Mini TENS/EMS Machine
    This lightweight and highly portable Digital Wireless Mini TENS/EMS Machine offers the ultimate in convenient, drug free pain relief. The whole mini tens machine itself is so small and compact, it attaches directly onto the sticky electrode tens pads which are placed on the skin..(Read More)
  • Dumbbell Alarm Clock
    Get up and shape up every morning with the Dumbbell Alarm Clock! If you love working out or know someone who does, then this is the perfect gift to buy!..(Read More)
  • Easy Stepper
    Ideal for those who experience difficulty standing for prolonged periods of time, the Easy Stepper aids with exercise, blood circulation and blood pressure, without having to stand at all. From the comfort of your armchair, you can easily keep your blood circulating without the need to over exert yo..(Read More)
  • Pedal Exerciser
    Exercise from the comfort of your own armchair with the compact Pedal Exerciser. Excellent value for money, and great for improving circulation and strength, developing fitness and building leg muscles...(Read More)
  • Pilates Set
    With the growing awareness of the sculpting of the body shape, Pilates is fast becoming one of the most effective exercise regimes in the World. The Pilates Gym Ball for All Set is a fun step-by-step workout, suitable for beginners and intermediate alike; this is a perfect all in one startup kit for..(Read More)
  • Yoga Mat
    This durable and non-slip PVC Yoga Mat provides the perfect workout space for you to stretch and exercise. ..(Read More)

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